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Timesheet Template

Timesheet Template


Timesheet Template

allows you to record the time you've spent completing tasks.

It's pre-formatted with all of the right tables, to save you time. It's Professionally laid out, so you can download it and immediately start using it to record time.

This Timesheet Template will help you to:

  • Monitor and control all time spent
  • Record the activities performed
  • Request approval for time spent
  • Raise and resolve any time management issues
  • Determine whether you're currently on track

Using this Timesheet Template, you can record the:

  • Tasks completed each week
  • Date and time that those tasks were completed
  • Number of hours worked each week

You can use this Timesheet Template to record your personal time spent, and your staff can complete it as well. This Timesheet Template is pre-formatted and ready for immediate use.

What is a Timesheet?

A Timesheet records the amount of time spent completing tasks. In many organizations, staff are required to fill-in a Timesheet Template weekly to help management track their initiatives. For this reason, Timesheet Templates are a critical part of a manager's tool kit.

When do I use a Timesheet Template?

You should complete a Timesheet Template whenever you need to track time spent. Whether you need an employee timesheet or a project timesheet, this Timesheet Template will meet your need. It helps you list all of the tasks against which time must be recorded, and then track time spent against them. The Timesheet Template saves you time, as it has already been pre-formatted for you.