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Timesheet Register


Time Management Log

helps you to keep a record of all time spent by staff, within a team.

It helps you to calculate the total time spent by staff and to keep your project and departmental plans up-to-date.

By using this time management template, you can calculate the total "staff effort" within any reporting period. You can also update your plans with this information, to determine whether you're currently on track.

The Timesheet Register or Time Management Log helps you to:

  • List the activities completed by staff during the week
  • Record the time spent completing those activities
  • Determine the outcome of those activities
  • Check that Timesheets were filled-in
  • Ensure that all time spent was approved

You can also use this time management template to:

  • Calculate the total amount of effort spent by your team
  • Update your Project Plans with this total effort figure
  • Determine whether your projects are likely to deliver on time
  • Keep department plans up-to-date by using timesheet figures
  • Resolve time management issues quickly

By recording all timesheet information in a time management log, you can constantly monitor and control the activities of staff within your team. You will be able to identify time management issues early and make sure that your team is always able to meet their objectives as planned.

What is a Timesheet Register?

To help you manage the timesheet process, you need to implement a Time Management Log (or Timesheet Register). This log records all of the time entered by staff, completing assigned tasks. By using a Time Management Log, the manager can view a summary of all of the time spent to date, and compare actual progress to planned progress and know if they are on track.

When do I use a Timesheet Register?

If you use Timesheets in your organization, then you need to implement a Time Management Log (or Timesheet Register) to record that time. It helps you implement good time management practices, by monitoring the time spent by staff and identifying discrepancies when they occur. Using this Time Management Template as your log, you can monitor the time spent within your department or on your project, from one central place.