Tender Forms - Tender Register

Tender Register

Tender Register

This Tender Register template helps you to track each

Tender Form

, as it is passed between the supplier and the business.

Using this tender template, you can record the current status of each Tender Form issued by your project. Tender Forms tracked using a Tender Register, include:

The Tender Register tracks the current status of each Tender Form within your project or organization. For example, it records the:

  • Types of Tender Forms released
  • Release date and release details
  • Status such as; Approved, Released, Distributed
  • Outcome of the release of the Tender Forms

By using this Tender Register, you can:

  • Monitor and control your tender processes
  • Ensure that your tender process is followed
  • Identify and resolve any issues with you tender early
  • Keep track of the overall status of your tender
  • Ensure that your tender is completed on time

When purchasing products and services from suppliers through an Invitation to Tender process, this tender register will be invaluable, as it helps you to identify the current status of the tender at any point in time. You can therefore monitor and control the progress of any Invitation to Tender, effectively.

What is a Tender Form?

A Tender Form is issued to a supplier during the "Invitation to Tender" process. Each Tender Form helps the team to collect information about potential suppliers so that they can appoint one or more preferred suppliers to the business. As each Tender Form is released to the suppliers, the progress is tracked in the Tender Register. To save time creating each Tender Form, a Tender Template is used.

When do I use a Tender Form?

Every time you appoint a new supplier, you need to create one or more Tender Forms. They help you keep the process open and visible within your business so that you can prove that your Tender Process has been run farily. The typical types of Tender Forms include the "Statement of Work", "Request for Information" and "Request for Proposal". The Tender Register helps you manage them all in one place.