Project Closure Report

Project Closure Report

Project Closure Report


Project Closure

report helps you take the steps needed to formally wind-up your project.

The report helps you undertake the Project Closure phase within a project, by documenting all of the tasks needed to complete your project and hand over the deliverables to your customer.

It is critical that you complete the Project Closure phase properly, as the manner within which these closure steps are taken will determine the final success of your project.

Using this Project Closure Report you can perform Project Closure by:

  • Identifying the project completion criteria
  • Listing any outstanding activities or deliverables
  • Creating a plan for passing deliverables to your customer
  • Planning the handover of project documentation
  • Closing supplier contracts and agreements
  • Releasing projects resources to the business
  • Communicating the closure of the project

This Project Closure Report is unique because it:

  • Includes pre-formatted sections and tables
  • Lists all of the key activities needed to close a project
  • Contains step-by-step instructions to help you complete it
  • Has lots of practical examples, tips and hints
  • Is pre-completed to save you time and effort

Written by project experts, this Project Closure Report helps you to document all of the steps needed to close your projects quickly and efficiently.

What is a Project Closure Report?

A Project Closure Report describes how you intend to close your projects. The Project Closure Report confirms that the objectives have been met, the deliverables have been handed over to the customer and that project closure can commence. Every Project Manager needs to complete a Project Closure Report to gain agreement from their Sponsor that the project is ready for closure. Once the Project Closure Report has been approved, the Manager can proceed with the actions needed to close the project swiftly.

When do I use a Project Closure Report?

A Project Closure Report should be documented any time that a project is ready for closure. Using this Project Closure Report, you can to document the actions needed to perform project closure immediately. This Project Closure Report already includes the sections, tables and practical examples you need, to save you time.