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Phase Review Form - Initiation Phase

Project Review Form -
Initiation Phase


Project Review

Form is completed at the end of the Initiation project phase to tell the sponsor whether the project has achieved its objectives to date.

First, a Project Management Review is conducted to measure the deliverables produced by the project, then the results of the review are documented on this Project Review form which is presented to the sponsor for approval.

Project Phase reviews are conducted at the end of the Initiation, Planning and Execution phases within a project. This form helps you to complete a project review for the the 'Initiation' project phase.

The form helps you to document the results of your Project Review, by stating whether the:

  • Project is currently delivering to schedule
  • Budget allocated was sufficient at this point
  • Deliverables have been produced and approved
  • Risks have been controlled and mitigated
  • Issues were identified and resolved
  • Changes were properly managed
  • Project is on track

The form helps you to:

  • Document the results of your Project Review
  • Clearly communicate the progress of your project to your sponsor
  • List any risks or issues which have impacted the project
  • Show sponsor the deliverables produced to date
  • Seek approval to proceed to the next phase

By implementing Phase Reviews, you are putting in place the necessary "check-points" to monitor and control the project, thereby ensuring its success.

What is a Project Review?

A Project Review is an assessment of the status of a project, at a particular point in time. The first time in the project life cycle that a project review is undertaken is at the end of the first project phase, called "Initiation". During this project review, a decision is made as to whether or not the team has met the objectives and is approved to proceed to the next project phase, being the "Planning" phase. Performing a project management review at the end of each phase is critical to the success of the project, because it allows the Project Sponsor to control the progress of the project and make sure that it passes through each Project Phase smoothly.

When do I complete a Project Review?

As soon as the project team believes they have completed a particular project phase, a project review should be undertaken. There will usually be at least three project reviews during the project life cycle: at the end of the Initiation, Planning and Execution project phases. The template on this page will help you complete a project review for the "Initiation" project phase. The items included in the project review form are targeted towards this phase specifically.