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Change Management Templates

These Change Management Templates provide all of the processes, documents and forms you need to implement change management in your organization. The Change Request template allows staff to raise a change request within the project. The Change Process can then be followed, to enable the Project Manager to obtain formal change approval. The Change Register allows the team to monitor the effect of the change on the project.

To control the scope of your project, you need to undertake a strict Change Management Process. This process ensures that changes to the project scope, deliverables, timescales or resources are formally defined, evaluated and approved prior to implementation.

Change Management Process

This Change Request Form (CRF) is used to enable project staff to formally request a change to the project. It allows staff to describe the nature of the change request and the impact on the project if the change is implemented. The Change Request Form is a critical tool within the Change Management process.

Change Request Form

Implementing Change Management is a difficult task. To ensure that changes are monitored through to completion, a Change Management Register is maintained. This allows the Project Manager to identify any outstanding changes and to measure the actual impact of each change once implemented.

Change Register