Change Log - Change Register

Change Register

Change Register


Change Register

or Change Log provides a central place for storing all of the information relating to changes in a project.

Almost all projects experience change at some point. When change occurs, you need to record the information relating to the change, to help you to monitor and control the effect of that change on the project.

The change log helps you do this, by giving you a way of recording all of the change information, in a clear and structured format.

A Change Log helps you to record the:

  • Nature of the change being requested
  • Impact of the change should it be approved
  • Change approval details, and status of the approval
  • Change implementation schedule and date
  • Current status of all changes

This change log will also help you to:

  • Record changes within the project
  • Monitor the change status and its project impact
  • Record the status of all change approvals
  • Identify and report on any change management issues
  • Control the amount of change required to meet your objectives

A Change Log or Change Register is an asset to any project. It provides the Project Manager with a single source of information relating to all project changes. You can easily use it to monitor and control changes, increasing your chances of delivering your project on time and within budget.