Acceptance Register - Project Acceptance Log

Acceptance Register

Acceptance Register


Acceptance Register

helps you to keep track of your acceptance testing results within your project.

After each deliverable has been completed, you will want to gain your customers agreement that each deliverable fully meets their needs. To do this, you need to perform a suite of acceptance tests.

These acceptance tests allow your customer to review the deliverables produced and to decide whether they fully meet their requirements.

This acceptance form allows you to track the results of each test and to quickly resolve the issues which arise.

The Acceptance Register or acceptance log helps you to:

  • List the deliverables which need acceptance tests
  • Identify when each deliverable is ready to be tested
  • Schedule each test and involve your customers when needed
  • Monitor the status of each acceptance test and identify when complete

You can also use this Acceptance Register to:

  • Log the results of each acceptance test
  • Flag issues, where the criteria and standards have not been met
  • Identify the corrective actions used to improve your deliverables
  • Gain your customers acceptance for each deliverable finally completed

By recording all of this information in the Acceptance Register, you can constantly monitor and control the acceptance testing activities throughout your project. This will help you to produce deliverables which meet your customers requirements and to gain a high level of customer satisfaction.