Acceptance Form - Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance Form

Acceptance Form

This Acceptance Form helps you to gain agreement from your customer that your project deliverables meet their exact requirements.

This is called the Acceptance Management process, and it involves completing a suite of acceptance tests to confirm that the deliverables that the project has produced, meet your customers requirements perfectly.

By using this form to gain your customers acceptance, you will meet one of the key objectives for your project: total customer satisfaction.

This Acceptance Form helps you with:

  • Identifying when acceptance tests need to be undertaken
  • Planning each acceptance test and deciding on the participants
  • Completing each acceptance test with your customer
  • Determining whether the results meet your acceptance criteria
  • Deciding whether the results are up to standard
  • Gaining your customers final sign-off

The Acceptance Form also helps you to record the:

  • Deliverables for which acceptance is being sought
  • Acceptance criteria and acceptance standards
  • Results of the acceptance testing
  • Formal customer signoff

By using this Acceptance Form to gain your customer's approval, you can achieve total customer satisfaction.

What is an Acceptance Form?

An Acceptance Form helps you gain acceptance from your customer that what you have produced meets their needs. An Acceptance Form lists all of the Acceptance Criteria for gaining their approval, and it documents the results of any acceptance testing carried out. Only once the customer has signed the Acceptance Form have you achieved total customer satisfaction.

When do I use an Acceptance Form?

You use an Acceptance Form to get your customer to agree that what you have produced, meets their needs. For example, in projects, the last step of the life cycle is called user acceptance testing. During this step, testing is carried out and the results are documented on an Acceptance Form. The form lists the Acceptance Criteria and states whether those criteria have been met. The customer signs the Acceptance Form if they are happy with the test results and the project is then considered 100 per cent complete.